Metaxy can be described as "every separation is a

link... (e.g.) two prisoners whose cells adjoin

communicate with each other by knocking on the

wall. The wall is the thing which separates them

but it is also their means of communication"

          -- Simone Weil (French Philosopher)

"Metaxu: the existence of things that act as

mediators, or bridges, between earth and heaven."

          -- Christine Howe (Cultivating Hope: Simone Weil,

          metaxu, and a Literature of the Divine.)

"Man moves through the world of Becoming, the

ever changing world of sensory perception, into the

world of Being—the world of forms, absolutes and

transcendence. Man transcends his place in

Becoming by eros, where man reaches the Highest

Good, an intuitive and mystical state of

consciousness."  (Wikipedia)

Philosophers and writers have described "metaxu" in multiple ways as they reach for an understanding and term to describe that which separates as well as connects. The German philospher, Eric Voegelin used metaxu to mean the place where man is in-between two poles of existence, the infinite and finite, God and man, the mind's connection to the material world and the reverse "consciousness of being." Depending on a person's own awareness, desires, bias and understanding, reality is perceptible in innumerous ways. It is that in-between state that metaxu encapsulates.

In its mundane or earthly definition, metaxu is simply a preposition meaning between. It is the more philosophical nature and expression of metaxu's meaning that the film, Alchemy explores. As a place of extremes within multiple realities of the same being, we ask the viewer to experience through their own visceral understandings as well as intellectual projections of the film's meaning and/or outcome. From this nature, "Alchemy" is more of an exploration and experimental art film.

It is also our intention that that the film can be perceived and enjoyed simply as a suspense narrative leading to an intrinsic albeit somewhat strange resolve. In addition, we hope the story expresses the alchemy of taking something which may initially be normal and familiar and transforming it into something magical and special.

"Metaxu (Greek: μεταξύ) or metaxy is defined in

Plato's Symposium via the character of the

priestess Diotima as the "in-between" or "middle

ground". Diotima, tutoring Socrates, uses the term

to show how oral tradition can be perceived by

different people in different ways."      (Wikipedia)

A note from the writer:

The Alchemy of Metaxu - Finding a Life Between